The Miracle in July… in May

Friday night we were joined in studio by the lovely Michelle Anderson, author and creator of the Miracle In July interactive story.  Listen in as she tells you about the completion of her posts and book and not so proudly pleads for your support as she tries to raise funds for a trip to help her complete the story.  Go to her Kickstarter site to find out more.

The last online segment went live today.  Congrats Michelle, on the completion of a huge step in this project that we all know is a blood sweat and tears soaked labor of love for you.

SLL Episode 169: MediaChick


Psst.. Hey you over there. Yeah you! Can I let you in on a couple of secrets? You can subscribe to our videocast on itunes. And if you’re just an audiophile you can subscribe to the audiocast too.

Oh, just one more thing, you may have noticed we’re only doing a single hour long episode now. It’s totally by design but we find that at the end of 60 minutes the guests are still a little chatty so often we keep the livestream going once we’ve stopped recording. The only way for you to see that footage is to join us live on Friday nights! See you then?

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