SLL From 30 Hour Day

I know, I know, I know… we’ve been very quiet on the SLL front. What’s all that about? Life and this and that. Also? Maybe the other thing. None of that should mean anything to you though. What should mean something to you? A new episode of Strange Love Live!!

Okay, I’m using the word “new” loosely. But here for your viewing pleasure is the Strange Love Live episode recorded during 30 Hour Day 2!

SLL Episode 172: Live From 30 Hour Day 2


You know… I might have just one more episode of SLL up my sleeve.  We did a great interview with Martin Vavra and some of the cast of The Last Stand.  Look for it to pop up here soon!

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30 Hour Day Take 2

As I type this up we’re 6 hours and 40 minutes out of starting 30 Hour Day 2, a 30 hour live streaming telethon.  It’s not just an excuse to get up and prance around on camera at in varied states of wakefulness though, it’s a chance for us to raise funds and visibility for some amazing charities: p:ear, The Oregon Food Bank and The Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross.

This time around not only will we have some amazing acts (you really should check out the schedule) but we’ll also be recording episodes of Strange Love Live on location and Dr. Normal’s Crazy Talk. We also have an iPhone app this time around, lovingly created for us by Bryan Enigma (who will be one of the guests and SLL tonight).

You can go to or just watch the live stream that I’ve conviently embedded for you below.

Yeah, I’m thoughtful like that.

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

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More From WebVisions 2010

It’s Friday once again and as we’re gearing up for 30 Hour Day in just two short weeks, I’m happy that we’ve got some content in our back pocket for you.  We’ve got 3 more awesome videos from this year’s WebVisions.

The first, an interview with Scott Porad of Cheezburger Network.  Next a panel on Augmented Reality moderated by Amber Case.  Finally for this week a design keynote from Agnieszka Gasparska of Kiss Me I’m Polish.


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Something To See Here

What with all the conferencing going, ups & downs and the 30 Hour Day planning we’ve been up to at Strange Love Live, we haven’t really been taking the time to record those regularly scheduled shows.  It seems we’re on a bit of a hiatus until things calm down.

But that doesn’t mean no new content for you!  We wouldn’t leave you all sad and lonely an unattended.  Take a moment, or several, to check out these great videos from Web Visions 2010.  We’ve got Merlin Mann’s keynote, my interview with keynote speaker Luke Williams and “The Role of Community in Startups” panel with Scott Kveton, Jason Glaspey, Rick Turoczy and Josh Friedman.

Go ahead, watch away and I’ll give you something else to pour over next week.

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Meeting With Mayor Sam Adams… Again

Thursday morning in all the hustle and bustle at Open Source Bridge we had a chance to sit down with Portland’s Mayor, Sam Adams, after his keynote speech.  Since we didn’t do a live show this week, it seemed like a good idea to share with you the interview I had with him, and the keynote he delivered directly before it.


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Best Laid Plans and All That

As I sit in the foyer above the quiet, well quiet as compared to the last few days, Hacker Lounge at Open Source Bridge I’m watching Dr. Normal edit this week’s episode of memePDX (recorded here yesterday) while we stream B Roll from the Adventures of Uncle Nate at lunch on Tuesday.

All is quiet, and so we’ve abandoned our plans to get the unconference uninterviews.  It was a great idea… but it was kind of what we did all day Wednesday and Thursday.

So we’re tearing down the mobile studio and packing up to move it back underground…

Until our next episode check out the stream where you can see some of what we’ve done in our week here at the 2nd OS Bridge.

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

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Live From Open Source Bridge

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

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Unconference Uninterviews

I have to preface this by saying that what I’m about to tell you is completely Igal Koshevoy’s fault.  Seriously.  Yes it is.

Today Dr. Normal and I are down at the Mark Building of the Portland Art Museum setting up the SLL Productions part of this years Open Source Bridge conference.  As we ran cables, checked lights, tested mics, set up a table full of buttons and stickers and all the other things required we were discussing with some of the amazing organizers and volunteers our schedule during this week of Open Source goodness.

We’ll be streaming the key notes each day (9 am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 3:30 for Friday’s closing keynote) and of course there will be B roll and interviews galore.  But one of the days we were most excited about is Friday which is a full day of unconference action.  Since we’re located in the foyer directly overseeing the Hacker’s Lounge there will be no end of smart interesting folks with things to say.  Really.  Yes.  Again I am being totally serious.

So I’m declaring Friday the day of Unconferene Uninterviews (as titled by Igal… I told you it was his fault).  If you’re attending OS Bridge stop by the Strange Love Live area (you can’t miss us when you’re heading into the Key Notes and Hacker’s Lounge) some time this week to sign up for a time on Friday to be interviewed on whatever it is you’re dying to talk about.  Be forewarned though, by the end of a week full of conference going I may be a little short tempered…  I’m wondering which would be more effective to get people off of my set, a gong or a giant stage hook.

Not attending OS Bridge?  Join us live here on the site to get a taste of this home grown Portland Open Source conference.

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WebVisions 2010 Panel: Reinventing the Podcast

Last week SLL Productions had the pleasure of being a part of WebVisions 2010 at the Oregon Convention Center.  We had our hands full dealing with the stage in the exhibit hall, but that wasn’t the only trick we had up our sleeves.

Friday morning I moderated a panel on podcasting and new media.  It was great experience to get to chat with Josh Bancroft, Robert Wagner, Aaron Weiss and Alex Williams for an hour, and luckily Dr Normal was there to catch the whole thing on camera and now you can check it out too.

I’ll update this with some additional information when I have time to collect and make sense of it all, but for now, I hope you enjoy.

or if you prefer you can listen to it here.


Hey babies, I know we’ve been a little off schedule with episodes of Strange Love Live as of late, but we’re not calling it quits.  We have some changes to make and some new idea to incorporate.  We’ll be back soon.

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Live From WebVisions…

Conference season is here.  Right now.  As this posts the SLL crew is at the Oregon Convention Center for WebVisions 10!

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

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